Uploading files

This page describes how to include files in an artifact when adding a new artifact to the archive.

As we mention in "About the technology", we host all the files on Ace Archive on the IPFS network. To upload a file to Ace Archive, you’ll need to upload it to an IPFS hosting provider.

There are a number of IPFS hosting providers, but we recommend Web3.Storage because it’s free and easy to use. It requires an account, but you can log in with a GitHub account.

Once you upload the file to Web3.Storage, you can find it in the files list on your account page. Each file uploaded to Web3.Storage has a long string of characters called a CID (content identifier) associated with it. You will need to paste this into the form you fill out when you create a new artifact.

Alternatively, you can open the file in your web browser, copy the dweb.link URL in your address bar, and paste that into the form.

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