Hosting artifacts

We mention in "About the technology" that anyone can help host the content on Ace Archive. But how do you actually do that? This page will explain how you can help preserve ace history.

There are two main ways to host content on the IPFS network. The first is to host it yourself from your own local machine, and the second is to use a hosting service.

Hosting yourself

The idea behind IPFS is that instead of the web being hosted in a few massive data centers, everyone holds a little piece of the web on their own computers. You can join the IPFS network and help host the content on Ace Archive that’s important to you!

It’s important to note that content you host yourself is only available to other people while your device is online, but the more more devices there are hosting the content, the more likely it is that at least some of them are online at a given time.

To get started hosting content on the IPFS network, you’ll want to install IPFS Desktop.

Every file stored in Ace Archive has a long string of letters called a CID associated with it, which you can see when you click on an artifact on the website. To host a file on your local machine, just go to the “Files” page in the IPFS Desktop app, select “Import” > “From IPFS”, and then paste the CID into the field.

After that, you’re done!

Using a hosting service

Instead of or in addition to hosting content on your local machine, you can use a hosting service that supports IPFS, which are commonly called “pinning services.” There are a number of free and paid pinning services available, including:

Ace Archive uses Web3.Storage to host all content uploaded to the archive, but the more places the content is hosted, the healthier the archive will be!

Much like with hosting content yourself, you’ll need the CID of a file in order to host it elsewhere, which you can find on the archive next to each file.

Bulk hosting

If you’re interested in hosting a lot of content from Ace Archive or want to automate the process, check out our tooling for doing just that. This is the tooling we use to host content on Web3.Storage, but anyone can use it to help host some or all of the content on the archive.

Ace Archive doesn’t provide a REST API, but this tooling can be used to get information about artifacts in the archive and optionally upload them to an IPFS pinning service. The tooling is available both as a CLI tool and as a GitHub Action.

Using our tooling is currently a somewhat technical process, but we’re looking into finding ways to make hosting content easier and more accessible.

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