Linking to content

We mention in "About the technology" that Ace Archive uses special permalinks that allow you to link to content whether it’s hosted on Ace Archive or somewhere else. This means that anyone can help host the content on Ace Archive, and as long as someone is hosting it, those links won’t die, even if this site goes down or becomes defunct.

These permalinks (technically called IPFS gateway URLs) usually look something like this:

Linking to Ace Archive

When you click on the name of a file hosted on Ace Archive, it will have an IPFS permalink like the one above. That URL will always point to the same version of the file, even if on the Ace Archive website it’s removed or replaced with a newer version.

You can also link to an artifact page like this:

However, these links are not IPFS permalinks. But they do allow you to see related files and links, along with other context for the artifact.

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