About the technology

In this section, we’ll explain how Ace Archive uses distributed web technologies to help reach its goals.

The problem

Human history is being lost every day. The way the web currently works, any time a website goes down, a service goes defunct, or content is moved, URLs linking to that content go dead. Any time you link to content on the web, you’re taking a gamble on how long that content will be around.

What happens to projects like Ace Archive when someone decides to pull the plug or there’s nobody around to keep the lights on? All the content hosted on that site disappears and links to that site go dead. This is where the distributed web and IPFS come it.

The distributed web

On the distributed web, content is decentralized, meaning you’re not reliant any one centralized authority to host it. With IPFS, the main technology that powers Ace Archive, anyone can help host the archive, even from their own computer. As you’ll learn in the next section, Ace Archive uses special permalinks that allow you to locate content whether it’s hosted on Ace Archive or somewhere else.

Even if Ace Archive goes defunct, anyone can help host the contents on the distributed web so people can still find it using those same permalinks. And because Ace Archive is open-source, anyone is free to take the code to the website and host it themselves!

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