Artifacts involving celibate people

“A Lack of Sexual Desire Emerges as a Contemporary Condition”

A newspaper article on the emergence of asexuality as a new phenomenon


“Asexual Chic: Everybody’s Not Doing It”

A newspaper story in which various self-professed asexual people are interviewed


“Atypical sexualities face oppression”

A newspaper article in which a sex therapist expresses concern about celibates being labelled as asexual


“No Sex Please, I’m Morrissey”

An interview with the British pop singer Morrissey which discusses his sexuality and celibacy

“Some married couples enjoy celibacy”

A newspaper article about married couples who are celibate


“World of Women; Speeches from the Lesbian Feminist Dialogue Conference”

A speaker talks about solidarity between groups of women, including celibates, asexuals, and virgins