Artifacts from the 1980s

“A Sexual Glossary”

A satirical glossary of queer identities which includes “a-sexual”


“Asexual Man Needs Counseling, Not Advice”

An advice columnist suggests the reason a reader is asexual is his “fear of close relationships”


“Happy Celibates Want No Change”

An asexual Dear Abby letter writer responds to a statement Abby made about abstinence

“In pursuit of high-concept movies”

A newspaper article which describes a film as being about two asexual characters


“Mental Health Implications of Sexual Orientation”

A study on the correlation between mental health and sexual orientation which includes asexual people as a sample group


“St. Louis Woman Needs Therapy To Deal With Lack of Interest”

An advice columnist suggests that a reader’s asexuality is the result of anxiety and inhibitions


“The Classification and Labeling of Nonhomosexual Gender Dysphorias”

A paper in which the author attempts to categorize transgender people by their sexual orientation, including asexuals


“Victims Laid Out Like Egyptian Book of Dead”

A newspaper article about a convicted killer who refuses to be labeled as asexual


Asexual Research Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of academic research on asexuality


Jim Sinclair’s Articles About Intersexuality

A series of essays on Jim Sinclair’s personal blog in which xe talks about being intersex and asexual


Toby on Sally

Toby (Jim Sinclair) being interviewed on the talk show Sally