Artifacts from the 1970s

Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love

The book which first introduced the concept of “limerence”


“This guy’s not a freak, he’s just asexual”

A newspaper advice columnist suggests to a reader that they might be asexual


“The Innocent Bystander: Asexual Militancy”

An interview with the president of the Asexual Liberation Movement

“Sexual Orientation and Self-Perception”

A study that reimagines the Kinsey Scale as a two-dimensional spectrum that accounts for asexuality

“Atypical sexualities face oppression”

A newspaper article in which a sex therapist expresses concern about celibates being labelled as asexual


The MacNeil/Lehrer Report The Briggs Initiative

A talk show conversation about the legislation surrounding gay schoolteachers, which mentions asexuality


“Eunuch Lib: No More Sex!”, Berkeley Barb

An article in the newspaper Berkeley Barb which posits that young people are choosing to be asexual


“Asexual Chic: Everybody’s Not Doing It”

A newspaper story in which various self-professed asexual people are interviewed


“A Lack of Sexual Desire Emerges as a Contemporary Condition”

A newspaper article on the emergence of asexuality as a new phenomenon


Asexual Research Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of academic research on asexuality


“Asexual and Autoerotic Women: Two Invisible Groups”

One of the first academic papers on asexuality


“Helen Help Us!” The News-Dispatch

A reader submission about neopronouns that mentions asexuality by name

“A Typology of Transsexualism: Gender Identity Theory and Data”

An academic paper that classifies trans women into three groups—heterosexual, homosexual, and asexual


“SexualLaw Reporter,” The Conspiracy

An introduction to a newsletter about legal issues relevant to queer people, including asexuals


William Burroughs interviews David Bowie

An interview with David Bowie in which he talks about asexuality


Fifth Estate, vol. 9, no. 4

A reader calls out the news journal Fifth Estate for overlooking the oppression of asexuals


Conversation on gender role definitions

A talk show conversation about gender roles and raising children which mentions asexuality

Off Our Backs, vol. 3, no. 5

An issue of a feminist news journal that mentions asexuality


“Choose Your Label” Barnard College

A photo of activists at Barnard College inviting people to choose their own label


“All God’s Children Need Love” Gay Freedom Day Parade

A photo featuring a sign for equal rights for queer people, including asexuals