Artifacts from the 1970s

“*Afraid to Ask”

A satirical reader submission criticizing sex in the media, responding to an article on asexuality


“A Lack of Sexual Desire Emerges as a Contemporary Condition”

A newspaper article on the emergence of asexuality as a new phenomenon


“A Typology of Transsexualism: Gender Identity Theory and Data”

An academic paper that classifies trans women into three groups—heterosexual, homosexual, and asexual


“All God’s Children Need Love” Gay Freedom Day Parade

A photo featuring a sign for equal rights for queer people, including asexuals


“Asexual and Autoerotic Women: Two Invisible Groups”

One of the first academic papers on asexuality


“Asexual Chic: Everybody’s Not Doing It”

A newspaper story in which various self-professed asexual people are interviewed


“Asexuals have problems too”

A satirical article about the prevalence of sex in society from the perspective of a fictionalized asexual


“Atypical sexualities face oppression”

A newspaper article in which a sex therapist expresses concern about celibates being labelled as asexual


“Choose Your Label” Barnard College

A photo of activists at Barnard College inviting people to choose their own label


“Eunuch Lib: No More Sex!”, Berkeley Barb

An article in the newspaper Berkeley Barb which posits that young people are choosing to be asexual


“Helen Help Us!” The News-Dispatch

A reader submission about neopronouns that mentions asexuality by name

“Sexual Orientation and Self-Perception”

A study that reimagines the Kinsey Scale as a two-dimensional spectrum that accounts for asexuality

“Sexual Roles Historically Stressed To Serve Society”

A newspaper article in which the author suggests that every person is, at their core, asexual


“SexualLaw Reporter,” The Conspiracy

An introduction to a newsletter about legal issues relevant to queer people, including asexuals


“The Innocent Bystander: Asexual Militancy”

An interview with the president of the Asexual Liberation Movement

“This guy’s not a freak, he’s just asexual”

A newspaper advice columnist suggests to a reader that they might be asexual


“Transvestite and Transsexual Liberation”

An article on trans liberation which mentions asexuality


“World of Women; Speeches from the Lesbian Feminist Dialogue Conference”

A speaker talks about solidarity between groups of women, including celibates, asexuals, and virgins


Ain’t I a Woman?, vol. 1, no. 8

A reader mentions asexual women in a submission about oppression in queer relationships


Fifth Estate, vol. 9, no. 4

A reader calls out the news journal Fifth Estate for overlooking the oppression of asexuals