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Library of Asexual Nonfiction

A bibliography of nonfiction books about asexuality


Haven for the Human Amoeba

The first major online community for asexuals


David Jay on Tucker

David Jay, founder of AVEN, is interviewed on MSNBC’s Tucker


“Says Sex Hatred Still Spreading”

Novelist Compton Mackenzie expresses concern about an “asexual class” of people

“Helen Help Us!” The News-Dispatch

A reader submission about neopronouns that mentions asexuality by name

“Victims Laid Out Like Egyptian Book of Dead”

A newspaper article about a convicted killer who refuses to be labeled as asexual


Conversation on gender role definitions

A talk show conversation about gender roles and raising children which mentions asexuality

The Female Impersonators

A book which describes “anaphrodites,” who never desire or pursue marriage, courtship, or sex



The term “gray-asexual” is coined in an AVEN forum thread


Leather Spinsters: Asexuality

A page on the website for the Leather Spinsters dedicated to their asexual members


Asexual Protagonists: What Their Patterns Reveal About the Representation of Asexuality

An essay discussing the need for a more BIPOC and gender-inclusive representation of asexuality in fiction literature


“Asexual Man Needs Counseling, Not Advice”

An advice columnist suggests the reason a reader is asexual is his “fear of close relationships”


Nat Titman’s talk at WorldPride Asexual Conference

A talk at WorldPride Asexual Conference 2012 on early asexual history



An early discussion about aspec identities between allosexual and asexual


“Glad to be asexual”

An in-depth article on asexuality published in New Scientist where the author meets David Jay.

“Word of the Day: Queerplatonic”

The term “queerplatonic” is first introduced on Tumblr by its coiner


“Sexual Roles Historically Stressed To Serve Society”

A newspaper article in which the author suggests that every person is, at their core, asexual


“A history of asexuality”

A timeline of asexual history, with a major focus on early online asexual communities


“World of Women; Speeches from the Lesbian Feminist Dialogue Conference”

A speaker talks about solidarity between groups of women, including celibates, asexuals, and virgins