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“Black rings and other ways to show asexual pride”

The tradition of asexuals wearing a black ring is introduced in an AVEN forum thread


Asexuality on Dear Abby

The term “asexual” is used in a response to a Dear Abby letter

The Asexual Coalition

A site that defines asexuality as abstaining from romantic and sexual relationships


“The Fourth Sexuality”

A blog post where the author identifies as nonsexual and talks about the invalidation they face


William Burroughs interviews David Bowie

An interview with David Bowie in which he talks about asexuality


“Asexuals have problems too”

A satirical article about the prevalence of sex in society from the perspective of a fictionalized asexual


“Toby: An Asexual Person”

An excerpt from a textbook describing a neuter person


Fifth Estate, vol. 9, no. 4

A reader calls out the news journal Fifth Estate for overlooking the oppression of asexuals


“St. Louis Woman Needs Therapy To Deal With Lack of Interest”

An advice columnist suggests that a reader’s asexuality is the result of anxiety and inhibitions


The Satanic Bible

A book describing asexuals as being “sexually subliminated” by non-sexual interests

Sappho und Sokrates

A formative academic work in legitimizing queer identities which recognizes asexual people

The Asexual Manifesto

A paper by the Asexual Caucus of the New York Radical Feminists

The MacNeil/Lehrer Report The Briggs Initiative

A talk show conversation about the legislation surrounding gay schoolteachers, which mentions asexuality


Asexual Research Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of academic research on asexuality


“A thought: ‘WTFromantic’”

The term “quoiromantic” is coined in a blog post


“No sex please, we’re asexual”

An article in The Guardian about asexuality which mentions AVEN and quotes asexual people


“Writhing in the Throes of Unrequited Like”

The term “WTFromantic” is coined in a blog post


“I Am Not a Freak!!!!”

A nonsexual person dispels some myths about their nonsexuality


The SCUM Manifesto

A misandrist manifesto that mentions asexuality by name


The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy

A pamphlet which first introduced the concept of relationship anarchy