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“Asexuality BC (Before Cake)”

A personal recounting of early asexual history by an early AVEN member

“The Evolution of Online Asexual Discourse”

An academic dissertation on asexual history and online asexual discourse from the late 1990s to the early 2010s

Nat Titman’s talk at WorldPride Asexual Conference

A talk at WorldPride Asexual Conference 2012 on early asexual history

“A thought: ‘WTFromantic’”

The term “quoiromantic” is coined in a blog post

“Writhing in the Throes of Unrequited Like”

The term “WTFromantic” is coined in a blog post

“Word of the Day: Queerplatonic”

The term “queerplatonic” is first introduced on Tumblr by its coiner

“A history of asexuality”

A timeline of asexual history, with a major focus on early online asexual communities


The terms “queerplatonic” and “zucchini” are coined in the comments of a blog post on aromanticism

Introduction of the asexual pride flag

The asexual pride flag is proposed, designed, voted on, and decided on across a series of AVEN forum threads.


The term “squish” is coined in an AVEN forum thread

David Jay on Tucker

David Jay, founder of AVEN, is interviewd on MSNBC’s Tucker

David Jay on The View

David Jay, founder of AVEN, is interviewed on ABC’s The View

The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy

A pamphlet which first introduced the concept of relationship anarchy

“Toby: An Asexual Person”

An excerpt from a textbook describing a neuter person


The term “gray-asexual” is coined in an AVEN forum thread

“Asexual sex”

The term “demisexual” is coined in an AVEN forum thread

“For Them, Just Saying No Is Easy”

An article in the New York Times about asexuality

“Black rings and other ways to show asexual pride”

The tradition of asexuals wearing a black ring is introduced in an AVEN forum thread

“Study: One in 100 adults asexual”

An article by CNN about asexuality which mentions Anthony Bogaert’s study

“No sex please, we’re asexual”

An article in The Guardian about asexuality which mentions AVEN and quotes asexual people

“Glad to be asexual”

An in-depth article on asexuality published in New Scientist where the author meets David Jay.

The Official Nonlibidoism Society

A website dedicated to people with no libido


An early discussion about aspec identities between allosexual and asexual

“Questions Asked by Asexual and Questioning People”

An early version of the AVEN FAQ, written by Nat Titman

Coining of the term “aromantic”

The term “aromantic” is used for the first time in an asexual message board


A website from the early web dedicated to asexuality.

Asexuality LiveJournal

An asexual LiveJournal community, which was one of the first sex-positive asexual discussion forums

“The Fourth Sexuality”

A blog post where the author identifies as nonsexual and talks about the invalidation they face

“Nonsexuality Rant”

A blog post from the eaarly web where the author complains about people invalidating their asexuality

TNGirlTech’s Asexualism Page

A pre-AVEN FAQ page on asexuality

“I Am Not a Freak!!!!”

A nonsexual person dispels some myths about their nonsexuality

Haven for the Human Amoeba

The first major online community for asexuals


A website from the early web which takes a moral and ethical stance against sexuality

Leather Spinsters: Asexuality

A page on the website for the Leather Spinsters dedicated to their asexual members

The Asexual Coalition

A site that defines asexuality as abstaining from romantic and sexual relationships

“My life as an amoeba”

A blog post about coming out as asexual

Asexuality on Dear Abby

The term “asexual” is used in a response to a Dear Abby letter

Toby on Sally

Toby (Jim Sinclair) being interviewed on the talk show Sally

Jim Sinclair’s Articles About Intersexuality

A page on Jim Sinclair’s personal blog dedicated to intersexuality

“Happy Celibates Want No Change”

An asexual Dear Abby letter writer responds to a statement Abby made about abstinence

“Sexual Orientation and Self-Perception”

A study that reimagines the Kinsey Scale as a two-dimensional spectrum that accounts for asexuality

Asexual Research Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of academic research on asexuality

“Asexual and Autoerotic Women: Two Invisible Groups”

One of the first academic papers on asexuality

William Burroughs interviews David Bowie

An interview with David Bowie in which he talks about asexuality

Off Our Backs, vol. 3, no. 5

An issue of a feminist news journal that mentions asexuality

“Choose Your Label” Barnard College

A photo of activists at Barnard College inviting people to choose their own label

The Asexual Manifesto

A paper by the Asexual Caucus of the New York Radical Feminists


An early example of pathologization of asexual people in medical literature and use of the term “asexual”

Ein Weib?

An early academic paper on queer identities where the author self-identities as asexual

Sappho und Sokrates

A formative academic work in legitimizing queer identities which recognizes asexual people

Psychopathia Sexualis

The first use of the term “anesthesia sexual” to refer to asexual people

Kertbeny’s pamphlets protesting Prussian sodomy laws

Pamphlets protesting Prussian sodomy laws which coined the terms “homosexual” and “heterosexual”